About Us

About us:

We have been running for over 30 years and have a long history of providing childcare for the children in and outside of the Marshfield community. You can find out about our history and how we started by clicking here.

Three years ago we decided to change our name from Castleton Playgroup to Castleton Pre-school and Nursery to fully reflect the range of childcare we offer as a Registered Education Provider and a nursery.

What are Registered Education Providers (REPs)?

REPs are playgroups and private day nurseries who are registered with Newport City Council to provide early year’s education in Wales (also known as Foundation Phase / Nursery education). They are expected to meet certain criteria in order to be registered. They are inspected by ESTYN, the same body that inspects all Welsh schools and must show detailed and careful planning for children’s education. The staff will have access to the same training and support that nursery teachers in schools are offered. They are expected to attend training sessions regularly to keep staff up to date

Why are we a Registered Education Provider?

Since September 2004, every Local Authority in Wales has had an obligation to offer every three year old child a free part time place in an education establishment in the term following their third birthday. These places are offered in Local Authority Schools (primary schools) and Registered Education Provider settings (settings like us).