The Welsh Government are committed to offering every three year old a part time place to receive their Early Years education (also known as Foundation Phase/ Nursery Education). Children can access their Early Year’s Education place either in an Early Years Education Provider (such as ourselves) or in a Primary School Nursery. To find out how to apply for a space with Castleton Pre-School and Nursery please contact us.

What are Registered Education Providers (REPs)?

REPs are playgroups and private day nurseries who are registered with Newport City Council and they are expected to meet certain criteria in order to be registered. They are also known as Non-Maintained Settings or Foundation Phase Nursery.

They are inspected by ESTYN, the same body that inspects all Welsh schools and must show detailed and careful planning for children’s education.

They are expected to provide a very high standard of childcare. The staff will have access to the same training and support that nursery teachers in schools are offered. They are expected to attend training sessions regularly to keep staff up to date.

Newport City Council and Welsh Government are confident that children will get an excellent standard of early year’s education and will spend public funds to give parents the maximum amount of choice. The part time funding your child is entitled to is specifically for their education and does not cover childcare costs and therefore will only cover term time and not school holidays.


What do I have to do to receive the funding?

Check that your child meets the eligibility criteria:

  • Your child is three years of age. (funding will stop the year they go to Reception)
  • You live in an Newport local authority (if you do live outside of Newport local authority, some other councils do cross fund)
  • Your child will need attend at least 3 sessions but they can have a maximum of 5.


  • You will need to contact Castleton Pre-school and Nursery to discuss what sessions we have available.
  • You will need to provide Castleton Pre-School  with your child’s NHS medical card, birth certificate or passport. A copy of this document is sent to Newport City Council for verification of the age of your child.
  • You will need to sign a form (‘Agreement of Terms & Conditions’) allowing the REP to claim the funds for your child’s place.

Once we have completed termly funding forms, and have received the parental signed ‘Agreement of Terms & Conditions’ form, they are returned to the council for payment. Please be aware that the council do not send any money directly to parents. Welsh Government guidelines state that the funding must go to the registered education setting.

How many sessions must my child attend in order to qualify for funding.

The guidance states that a child is required to attend a minimum of three sessions (on separate days) each week in order to qualify for the funding.

If they attend between three and five sessions, you will receive a pro-rata payment. If your child attends less than three sessions a week, they will not be eligible for funding.

When will my child receive the funding and when?

The funding is payable to the setting every term. This is broken down to £9.00 per (2 hour) session.

Please be aware that the funding per session may not cover the usual charge of the setting therefore you may still incur some charge for the sessions your child attends.  This is because Newport City Council provides the funding for your child’s education and not childcare. Most nurseries are open all year round, for much longer hours than schools, so larger fees are necessary to cover staff wages and running costs, etc.

What happens if my child attends a Newport City Council (primary school nursery) nursery and a private day nursery / playgroup?

Children who attend both a Newport City Council nursery and private day nursery or playgroup cannot receive education funding in the day nursery or playgroup as the school based nursery receives the maximum amount of funding (5 sessions per week on different days) for the child and we cannot pay twice for a child.

Childcare Offer for Wales

The new childcare offer will provide working parents with 30 hours of early education and childcare for 3 and 4 year olds, for up to 48 weeks per year. The offer will build on children’s existing early year’s education entitlement during term time and provide 30 hours of childcare for 9 weeks of the holidays.